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Organic Thali is a catering company that serves 100% organic Spicy, Healthy and Chemical free Lunch to working executives ,these Lunches are designed by India's best Nutritionists and meets the 1/3rd of the recommended dietary values for a healthy adult.

In today's conventional farming methods we can't imagine farming without using Pesticides and these can have many negative influences on health, including neurotoxicity, disruption of the endocrine system, carcinogenicity, Cancer and immune system suppression. Pesticide exposure may also affect male reproductive function and has been linked to miscarriages in women. Pesticides by nature designed to kill, aside from pesticide contamination, conventional produce tends to have fewer nutrients than organic produce.

Instead of using toxic, persistent pesticides, fertilizers which are known to contaminate soil, air, water and the food, Organic Farmers use natural sources of nutrients (such as compost, crop residues, and manure) and natural methods of crop and weed control.

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